Three Health Issues That Can Be Treated Naturally

Three Health Issues That Can Be Treated Naturally


Advances in medicine are helping people live longer and enjoy a better quality of life.  Medical discoveries offer cures, not only in the field of Western medicine, but in natural treatments as well.  For many people natural treatments are preferable because they tend to cost less and not result in unpleasant side effects.  Below we explore a few common health issues and how they can be treated naturally.

High Cholesterol

Although some amount of cholesterol in the human body is necessary, when it gets too high, the lipoproteins carrying it can get caught in the artery walls, forming plaques that cause clogs.  While many medications are available to treat high cholesterol, if your LDL cholesterol level is between 160 and 190, and you don’t have any other risk factors, you may be able to make lifestyle changes to lower your cholesterol, making medicine unnecessary.

Diet:  As far as diet goes, maintaining a healthy weight will keep your cholesterol level low. A plant-based diet will help you lower your saturated fat intake, while providing your body with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Exercise:  Exercise will help lower body fat and stress, both of which contribute to a poor cholesterol profile.  It will also change certain enzymes that can increase your triglycerides (which is another measure of fat in the body).

Supplements:  There are a variety of supplements that can also work to lower your cholesterol including fish oil, berberine, Spirulina, red rice yeast extract, plant sterols/stanols, and soluble fiber.  It is best to consult a doctor before determining which of these supplements are right for you.

Type 2 Diabetes

The Mayo Clinic defines Type 2 Diabetes as a chronic condition that affects the way your body metabolizes sugar (glucose), your body’s important source of fuel.  This is a health issue that is usually characterized by obesity, cardiovascular disease, systemic inflammation, and muscles that don’t store nutrients well.

Diet:  Maintaining a healthy weight will always improve your blood sugar levels.  Many claim that a Mediterranean style diet will work best for those suffering with Type II Diabetes, reducing processed sugars and starches that contribute to high blood sugar.  Following the diet will help to replace saturated fats with healthy fats, increasing plant intake and providing nutrients that can improve insulin sensitivity and fiber and slowing sugar absorption.

Exercise:  Exercise can also help control Type II diabetes by reducing body fat, improving cardiovascular function, reducing stress, and improving blood sugars and insulin sensitivity.

Supplements:  Berberine is a plant alkaloid that can help improve insulin sensitivity if taken at a dosage of 500 mg 2-3 times a day.  Speak to a doctor before using this supplement in your treatment.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is related to a stiffening of blood vessels and arteries.  It can put you at risk for other health issues including blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, vascular disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Diet:  Once again, maintaining a healthy body weight is key in controlling high blood pressure.  Fat cells produce substances that will lead to inflammation in the blood vessels and heart.

It is best to eat fruits and vegetables that contain potassium and magnesium that will increase vessel elasticity.  Healthy fats and omega-3s found in fish can help with eicosanoid productions controlling vessel dilation and platelet aggregation.  Reducing processed foods can cut sodium intake and lower blood pressure.

Exercise:  Exercise can help the body maintain a healthy weight and help blood vessels to stay elastic and the heart to work more efficiently. However, some exercises can raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels, specifically the Valsalva maneuver.  Precision Nutrition recommends opting for shorter sets with longer rests when lifting.

Supplements:  There are several supplements that may help to reduce high blood pressure.  They include fish oil, berberine, spirulina, red rice yeast extract, plant sterols/stanols, and soluble fiber.  Consult a doctor before using any of them.

In short, going the way of natural treatments can be a cost effective way to treat health issues, and Makeena’s app can help make these treatments more economical.


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It is wonderful that advances in medical research have been key in finding natural treatments that can help improve serious health issues.  Consult your doctor to find out what treatments might work for you to start living a happier, healthier life. 

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