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  • What's Makeena?

    Makeena is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you find and afford healthier food, eco-friendly products, what we like to call “the good stuff.” With every purchase, Makeena app users can earn rewards from affiliated brands—and from Makeena too!

  • How do I earn cash and rewards points?

    You need to do two things to earn rewards while shopping for products that are better for you and the planet:

    1. Scan the barcode of EACH eligible product you purchase.
    2. Snap a photo of your store or online receipt and submit it through the app. If there are multiple eligible products on the receipt, you only need to submit the receipt once.
  • How do I redeem exclusive offers from brands?

    Scan the barcode located on EACH eligible product using the app. Makeena is smart enough to automatically add the brand’s offers to your account. To find participating brands, visit our Brand Page.

  • How do I redeem special offers from Makeena?

    Tap the ADD button next to the item listed on the app’s REDEEM page. The offer will be added to your account and you will receive credit for the offer when you scan a receipt showing you made the purchase. Sometimes we may come back to you and ask you to snap a photo of the item and email that photo to us.

  • How do I submit my store or online receipt?

    After scanning the product barcode (or tapping the ADD button if a special offer):

    1. Tap “NEXT: SNAP RECEIPT” to take a photo of your store or online receipt. Check to make sure the entire receipt is captured (if it’s a long receipt, simply take multiple photos of the different sections).
    2. Select “Done”.
    3. If image(s) looks good then select “Looks Good” to upload.

    NOTE: If there are multiple eligible products on the receipt, you only need to submit the receipt once.

  • What if I make a mistake submitting a receipt?

    You can cancel your submission and re-submit your receipt within the app. For any declined receipts, you don’t have to scan the barcodes again.

  • How can I maximize my rewards?

    If you have earned enough points for rewards such as extra cash back or freebies from brands, you’ll get a pop-up asking if you’d like to redeem them when you scan the barcode. You can also earn even more cash for every friend you refer to Makeena once your friend’s first receipt is approved.

  • How can I earn rebates/points faster?

    After snapping the photo of your receipt, make sure the text is clear and readable before you submit. Mark the eligible products on the receipt to speed up our approval process.

  • Where can I purchase products?

    Unless otherwise specified, you can purchase Makeena-affiliated products at any store, even online or, better yet, at your local farmer’s market!

  • How frequently can I make purchases and redemptions for an individual offer?

    The number of purchase transactions allowed for any individual offer item is limited to ONE transaction per 24 hour period.  Submitted offer redemptions that exceed this transaction limit will not be accepted.

  • Help! Items I scanned are not being recognized.

    From time to time, brands have new items or packaging with different barcode numbers. If the item you scanned is not recognized, please email us a photo of the product, barcode, and your receipt. If they all match, we’ll update our database and give you the full credit, and sometimes we’ll even give you a bonus for your trouble. Smile.

  • Can I combine Makeena with coupons?

    Yes! You can still use retailer/manufacturer coupons or in-store promotions unless otherwise specified in the Makeena brand deal terms. However, If you use a coupon or in-store promotion in combination with a Makeena rebate, the purchase price must exceed the combined value of the coupon/in-store promotion/Makeena cash back offer.

  • Can I redeem purchases made with a gift card?

    No, at this time we do not accept redemptions for items that are purchased with gift cards.

  • How do I get rebates from brands?

    You can get rebates from brands in two ways.

    1. You can scroll through the BRANDS tab, unlock the brands that look interesting to you, and then click on a REBATE that fits what you are looking for.
    2. You can also go to the REBATES tab in the app and click on any special offer or rebate that you want to add to your shopping list. Rebates can include offers from brands as well as special offers from Makeena, like organic produce, beauty products, or household goods.

    Once you have unlocked the rebate and have added it to your shopping list, you will earn cash or points when you scan a barcode that matches a product in the app and submit a receipt showing that you made the purchase.

  • How do I get my hands on the cash I’ve earned?

    When your account balance reaches $20, click on the CASH OUT tab and select to be paid out through Paypal or Venmo. It may take up to 30 days to receive your cash. Before Makeena pays, it verifies your engagements and purchases, as well as your name among other things.

  • How long before I see cash, points, rebates in my account?

    We’ll verify your engagements and purchases and credit your account with either points or cash back usually within 48 hours, but it may take up to 10 days.

  • What are points for?

    Makeena and each Makeena-affiliated brand awards you points for purchasing their products. You can earn more points by doing things like promoting the brand through social media or signing up for the brand’s newsletter. Points typically convert to additional rebates, cash back, or other rewards. Track the points you’ve earned and seen actions you can take to earn more points under BRANDS, MY BRANDS, top right corner. You can also track total points and points per brand on the CASH OUT screen.

  • Do I earn more points if I buy multiple items?

    Yes, except for Makeena offers. You can earn points from brands for every item you’ve purchased when you scan each of the product barcodes.

  • If I have more than one item to redeem, do I need to submit a receipt multiple

    No, please submit your receipt only once, and we’ll process rebates and loyalty points for all relevant items and quantities.

  • How long do I have to submit receipts to be eligible for the offer?

    Store Purchases: Receipts must be submitted within seven (7) days after purchase and before the expiration date of the offer(s).

    Online Purchases: A valid packing slip or an invoice showing the purchase must be submitted within ten (10) days after purchase and before the expiration date of the offer(s). All packing slips and invoices must show the date, time, cost of the item(s), and a zero (0) balance owed.

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