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makeena is a free, easy to download mobile application that earns you money when you purchase healthy & sustainable products at any retailer.

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It couldn’t be easier to start earning money on products you feel good about buying.

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Why Makeena?

makeena just makes cents (and dollars). Whether you are a brand or shopper here’s why you’re going to love this app.

For Shoppers

  • Find products that conform to your unique lifestyle.
  • Earn cash by purchasing your favorite brands.
  • Share offers with friends through social media and email.
  • Easy to use and fun.
  • Save money and time!

For Brands

  • Engage with consumers pre-shop, during-shop and post-shop at ANY retailer.
  • Push multiple offers for no added fees.
  • Provide special offers to your most loyal customers.
  • Help brand-loyal shoppers find your product quickly.
  • Learn about your shoppers’ habits.