Seven Reasons Why Prunes are a Great Healthy Food

Seven Reasons Why Prunes are a Great Healthy Food

Let’s face it, prunes have gotten a bad rap over the years.  Crinkled and wrinkly, the name alone isn’t appealing.  And although prunes are a healthy food, research shows that women aged 25-54 react negatively to the very idea of a prune.

Regardless of what goes through your mind when you hear the word “prune,” the fact is that this dried fruit is packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals including potassium, iron, and retinol.

Dr. Rupali Data, Chief Nutrionist at SmartCooky, is an advocate of the nutritional benefits of prunes.  “Prunes are rich in vitamin K and contain beta-carotene.  Each prune (approx 9.5 g) offers about 23 kcal and 0.7 g of fiber.  An ounce (28g) can be added to smoothies or trail mixes to add to the fiber and antioxidant content,” he says.

But how can eating prunes benefit our health?  What is it that makes them such a healthy food?  Read on to find out.

Improve Vision

Prunes are rich in Vitamin A, which is essential to eye health.  Those that are Vitamin A deficient are prone to night blindness, cataracts, dry eyes, and macular degeneration.  One prune provides 3% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A.

High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants keep us healthy, protecting cell membranes from free radical damage.  Prunes rank surprisingly high in antioxidant content.  In fact, a recent study conducted by Tufts University in Boston ranked prunes number one in antioxidant content.

Good for Your Heart

Potassium lowers blood pressure, reducing risks of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.  Guess what has tons of potassium?  You guessed it…prunes!

NDTV Food provides this quote from Dr. Ardash Kumar, Internal Medicine at the National Heart Institute, “Prunes are high in potassium, an important mineral that ensures proper functioning of the heart and nerve response throughout the body.”

Relieve Constipation

Prunes are best known as an effective laxative.  This is due to their high content of fiber and sorbitol.  One prune provides 3% of the recommended daily intake of fiber and the moisture it provides to the digestive tract maintains regular bowel movements.

Fight Osteoporosis

Another reason the prune is such a healthy food is that it protects the body against osteoporosis.  One serving of prunes (100 grams) fulfills the recommended daily requirement of boron.  This, along with prune’s high content of potassium, helps to support bone health.

Great for Hair

Prunes contain iron which helps to fight hair loss, dryness, and discoloration of hair.

Great for Skin

The many vitamins and minerals in prunes help delay the signs of aging and wrinkles.

So it seems that, like it or not, there is undeniable evidence that prunes are a healthy food that should be consumed on a daily basis.  They can make you look and feel better while improving your quality of life.  With so many health benefits it’s hard not to think of them as delicious!

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