The Dirty TRUTH About Sulfates and Parabens

The Dirty TRUTH About Sulfates and Parabens

Paraben FreeFor all the power they possess and the vigor with which their supposed (and sometimes apparent) positive effects are denoted, beauty products definitely have an ugly side, with the fine margins of the potential effects of the ingredients they contain only one or two chemical reactions away from becoming really dangerous: Sulfates and parabens.

Apart from the fact that a lot of beauty products are at some stage tested on animals, in order for manufacturers to find the right balance to avoid allergic reactions and damage to human consumers, the mere presence of some dominant ingredients in many of these products should be setting off alarm bells. Parabens and Sulfates are common elements used in everyday beauty products, but many consumers don’t have the slightest idea of just how dangerous these and other constituents can really be.

Sure, next time you take a closer look at the ingredients list in your favorite beauty product, you might suddenly realize that they contain Parabens and Sulfates, which are said to be dangerous, but shrug your shoulders because after all, you’ve been using these products for ages, as well as friends and family, and you’ve not experienced anything to even raise an eyebrow about. Consider this though — Parabens can exist in a number of different chemical compound arrangements, one of which is a chemical used in pesticides, while Sulfates can be harmful to even some species of fungi, in their most potent form.

Now, to bring things back to your Parabens and Sulfate-containing beauty products, these products often have just the right mix of each compound with a collection of other elements and compounds to neutralize the potential dangers of these chemicals. The reason why most beauty product usage-suggestions strongly discourage mixing with other products is because of the possibility that your new mixture may throw the original “safe” chemical balance of the product off-scale and unleash the hazardous properties of constituents such as Sulfates and Parabens.

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