Whole Grains: Great Reasons to Stock Up on Spelt Berries or Flour

Whole Grains: Great Reasons to Stock Up on Spelt Berries or Flour

When families eat whole grains, they’re getting every nutritious little element of a plant’s seed. Processed grains, on the other hand, are missing a lot of the good stuff. Why should we pay a pretty penny for processed ingredients when they’re clearly lacking in protein, vitamins, and minerals? We can’t think of any reasons, especially when there are so many whole grains to choose from. Let’s take spelt as an example.

Spelt tastes just like wheat (and rightfully so). Spelt is a form of whole wheat that is jam-packed with protein, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin Bs. The grains are typically sold in whole form (known as berries) as well as ground into spelt flour. As you could imagine, finding a way to incorporate spelt into a variety of meals is pretty simple.

Spelt Berry & Flour Tips

  • For breakfast, soak one cup of raw spelt berries overnight in four cups of water. In the morning, drain the spelt and put it into a pot. Add four more cups of water and let it cook on the stovetop for an hour. Serve it with eggs or as a bowl of hot cereal. Save any extra spelt and add it to lunch or dinner. It makes a delicious pilaf or a hearty stew.
  • Ground spelt flour is just as nutritious and versatile as the whole berries. Like all-purpose flour, it can be used to make waffles, pancakes, muffins, breads, pizza dough, and more. 
  • Spelt flour and whole berries store well too. In an airtight container, the raw whole grains may be frozen for up to one year or placed in the cupboard for six months. Ground spelt flour will typically last six months in the freezer and three months in the cupboard. Don’t hesitate to stock up on spelt when you see it on sale–it’ll keep!

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