Let’s be honest: We’ve all given in to the work time temptation of bad snacks. From a stack of glazed, sugary donuts in the morning to bowls of chips in the afternoon and cookies with lunch, food that isn’t very good for you is almost as much a part of the workday as are deadlines and co-workers. And it can be easy to get into bad habits in the workplace, eating whatever is put out for the day without thought of how much it’s processed or what its health content is.

But revamping your approach to work snacks can lead to some workday benefits. For one thing, people like snacks that are better for them. Those snacks help with learning and memory and thinking, which leads to employees who aren’t as cranky and can work harder and smarter. So how do you revise your approach to workday snacks and get everyone off junk food?  You can find lots of good for you and good for the planet snacks by downloading the Makeena app today. 

Make sure to check out the infographic below to discover more options that fit your lifestyle. These are all small changes to make—but small changes can add up to big differences when it comes to our environmental impact. And if you’re lucky, maybe somebody will buy you ice cream for your efforts, too.

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Great Whole Food Snacks to Stock in Your Office

graphic image provided by: https://zerocater.com

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