Families are Eating Healthy and Saving Money

Families are Eating Healthy and Saving Money

icon-place-settingEating healthy on a budget isn’t always easy, especially when you have a family to feed.  There’s a new iPhone app coming to town soon that can help you locate the brands with qualities important to you and that will give you rebates when you shop for them.

The most common advice for parents trying to feed their kids healthy food and save money is to avoid convenience foods and shop the outside aisles of the supermarket.  Avoiding convenience foods isn’t usually realistic for today’s busy families.

When you need to choose convenience foods, it feels good to know that you’re feeding your child the healthiest practical option.  Makeena can help you find Quinn Popcorn for movie night, Veggie Go’s fruit & veggie strips for your daughter’s lunch, and nut-free, gluten-free Sun Cups as a treat that fits your son’s dietary restrictions.  You’ll be surprised at how many healthier options are available for your family.

For families with ingredient restrictions, finding the foods that meet your dietary needs can sometimes be difficult.  Busy parents don’t have time to drive everywhere searching for the perfect choice.  Rather than feel guilty because you chose the fastest option that fit even if it wasn’t very healthy, now you can look up the store that stocks the best products right from your phone.

If you haven’t tried some of the healthy convenience items that are becoming more available than ever because of the price, Makeena is still worth a try.  The in app rebates on organic and sustainably produced items that meet your needs can make the healthy choice more affordable.

Busy families interested in eating healthy and saving money should download the free Makeena app when it’s available (soon!) and give it a try.

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