5 Natural Desserts That Won’t Break Your Diet

5 Natural Desserts That Won’t Break Your Diet

We all love dessert. But often, it’s tough to find a dessert that’s healthy and diet-friendly. Here at makeena, we work with a lot of great natural brands, so we know what’s good. Here are 5 all-natural solutions that’ll keep that diet in check.

Boulder Cookie

Born out of a family history of gluten sensitivity and blood sugar problems, a mother of four from Boulder, CO decided to take her career as a chef to the next level. She challenged the world to envision a gluten and grain free treat that didn’t skimp flavor and gave protein support with each nibble. Every Boulder Cookie contains 6g of protein (as much as an egg), sourced from finely ground almonds. The Boulder Cookie is, in essence, a high nutrition snack that provides sustained vitality and a low glycemic count ideal for celiacs, the gluten intolerant, the active, kids, Paleo fans, diabetics or anybody searching for a speedy, sound and yummy jolt of energy. Yum!

Salazon Chocolate

Salazon Chocolate is a line of “premium organic, single-origin, salted dark chocolate bars.” Their artisanal salted chocolate (yes, salted) is crafted using only the highest quality ingredients (Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA certified beans) and each bar is carefully hand-sprinkled with a signature touch of natural sea salt. Salazon sells a diverse line of 72% and 57% dark chocolate products from regular dark chocolate to salted black pepper. In the spirit of giving back, they have standing agreements with the Pacific Crest Trail Association and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, who’s works help to maintain some of the most exciting trails in the country. The bars are sold through their website.

Zaza Raw

Zaza Raw’s line of paleo, raw, vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free snacks are made with whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and natural sweeteners, creating “decadent desserts that leave you feeling light, energized, and satisfied.” . Boosted by great reviews and a consumer frenzy over their line of Chocolate Cheezecake, Key Lime Pie, Pumpkin Cheezecake, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Ganache desserts, this self-made chef and mother of two has Whole Foods carrying her Zaza dream on their shelves in 20 states. Their website is worth a look at for more information on their products as well as some recipes.

Outrageous Baking

Outrageous Baking is making waves in the gluten-free and pro nutrition community. The web is peppered with positive reviews and nothing but encouragement for the Colorado organic bread maker. Orders for their Cherry Chocolate Chip and Lemon poppy seed bread are through the roof, but their All-Purpose Baking Flour mix takes the cake, literally. OB also prides themselves on a review-based blog, containing recipes and general insight based on their products. Go out and get their mixes here.

Sun Cups

Another Colorado gem, Sun Cups was born out of a need for a peanut butter cup for everyone, and all it took was a jar of sunflower seed butter and a handful of test batches. As you’d imagine, the ‘chocolatiers’ at Sun Cups also made their creation all natural, using cacao from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The product line is well thought out, featuring Dark and Milk chocolate sun cups, mint cups and bars. I believe that their top-selling variety pack is the best bet, you know, for those days when you wish you could eat everything. This pack of 16 cups, four of each flavor really gives the consumer a good idea of what to expect from Sun Cups. These chocolate goodies are being sold online right now here.


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