5 Foods You Need To Eliminate To Avoid GMOs

5 Foods You Need To Eliminate To Avoid GMOs

no-gmo-png#5 Pre-made Soups in Cans

Pre-made soups in a can are loaded with GMOs (GMOs 101, Get the Facts). How do we know that? Well, according to the Non-GMO Project, almost 90 percent of corn harvested in the USA is GMO. That corn is then turned into high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and is one of the largest ingredients in canned soups.

#4  Baby Formula

Next time you go shopping for baby formula you may want to check the label. Most baby formula contains milk and soy. Not a big deal you say? I mean what’s wrong with milk and soy? According to the Non-GMO Project, 94 percent of soybean plants are GMO. Not to mention the corn fed to cows contains almost 90 percent as mentioned in the point above.

#3 Sweetened Juices  

Who doesn’t love their Minute Maid orange juice? It tastes good and kids love it!  After all, if your kids are drinking juice does it really matter? Well if you consider one of the largest sweeteners in juices is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and your kids bodies turn into little GMO sponges, then yes, yes it does matter. Get rid of it.

#2 Boxed Cereals  

Cheerios may be good for your cholesterol, but large food companies who buy corn starch that most likely came from infected GMO corn plants are spoon feeding you GMOs…literally.

#1 Tofu  

Just when you thought you were being the healthy vegan, vegetarian, or Karate Kid! Tofu’s main ingredient is soy milk. And again, according to our friends at the Non-GMO Project, 94 percent of soybeans grown in the U S of A contain GMOs.

Now What?  

Let’s face it, GMOs have invaded almost every area of our food. To avoid them means buying natural and organic products. This can be expensive especially for larger families.  makeena exists to help take the sticker shock out of buying organic and Non-GMO by delivering discounts and coupons straight to your phone. Eat healthier, eliminate GMOs, and save!

Sign up at www.makeena.com to be reminded that makeena is available for free download on the App Store January 22, 2015!

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